Forever Unbreakable

Forever Unbreakable
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“I am beyond grateful that our school was able to provide our students with such a powerful and motivating experience.  Our student population is primarily composed of children that come from underrepresented, disadvantaged backgrounds. For many, the idea of obtaining an education beyond high school feels out of reach because of the financial burden alone.  Providing our students with the knowledge that other options do exist, and are attainable is crucial in preparing them for their future. It was truly inspirational to see how engaged and excited our kids were to learn from an individual with first-hand experience what their futures could have in store for them, so long as they work hard and believe in themselves.” – Kayla Socha Eisenhower Elementary School Teacher


“I personally was moved by your presentation to bring the perspective that I was hoping to recalibrate my attitude to have me be a better manager, father, and husband going forward.  Many others said they thought your presentation was necessary to set the tone for the year.  Many times throughout the year myself and our sales staff have challenges that can seem almost insurmountable or the challenges come in wave after wave – never seeming to stop.  These challenges are not life and death as the ones you detailed to us are.  The opportunity to deal with those challenges are identical, and how we prepare ourselves and set the plan to achieve success is crucial both on the battlefield and in selling construction machinery.” – Dan Soley Executive V.P. Sales & Marketing – Miller-Bradford